Headteacher’s Welcome

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Headteacher’s Welcome

A very warm welcome to The Winter edition of The Mitre for 2018. May I offer my thanks to our team of staff and students who work so hard to create content for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading about events at the school.

Last week, we held our Annual Christmas Carol Service at Llandaff Cathedral and we celebrated Christ’s coming through music, monologue and prayer. During the Season of Advent, Christians are reminded to “prepare the way of The Lord”. Yet, within society we are all challenged to think about what Christmas actually means to us today. Unfortunately, so much emphasis is placed on how much is spent online or on the high street that Christ’s birth is lost and the true meaning of Christmas is diluted. Irrespective of religious belief, I sincerely hope this Christmas season that each member of our community is able to feel the appreciation of their friends, family and loved ones at a time when we are called to stop and listen to the “Good News”. 2018 has been a year of “Good News” for our school and this term has been no different. I hope you enjoy reading about the many examples throughout this edition.

Sadly, at the end of the term we say goodbye to a number of staff. Matilda Shepherd leaves us in the science department; Fiona Beresford, who is one of our Lead Practitioners (English) leaves to take up a post at Swansea university; Jill Osborne is retiring from her post as a teaching assistant within The Marion Centre; and Gareth Rayner-Williams, who has been with us for the past ten-years as chaplain, then acting Head of Religious Studies and for the past four years Assistant Head, leaves to explore other career opportunities. Emily Smith, one of our teaching assistants, has been appointed to a similar post in the Montessori pre-school/nursery in Cardiff. Finally, Helen Griffiths, who has been Head of Mathematics at our school for a number of years, is retiring. We thank all of our staff who are leaving for their dedicated service and wish them well in the future.

We have made a number of new appointments as a result of these changes. Mr Gardiner will take up post as Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form) from January, while his position as Head of PE will be filled by Mr Elliott. Miss Owen has been appointed as Head of Year 10, while Mr Hunt takes up post as Head of ICT and Computing. Miss Owens joins us as our Lead Practitioner (English) in January, along with our new boys’ PE teacher, Mr Swaffield. Finally, Mrs Lee, who is one of our teachers within The Marion Centre, has been seconded to be the lead teacher for the ASD provision within Pentrebane Primary School for the spring term, in the first instance. I am sure you will join me in wishing our staff the best of luck in their new roles after Christmas.

As always, it is helpful if you keep an eye on our website and twitter feed @bishop_llandaff for information about key events at school. We have some instances where parents interact with our twitter feed. However, please remember that we use this aspect of social media to share messages only and do not monitor it in a conversational manner.

On behalf of everyone at The Bishop of Llandaff, I should like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very happy and holy Christmas. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to a successful 2019 together.

Marc Belli

Wolves Amongst Us – What’s The Message? Bleiddiad yn ein plith – Beth yw’r neges?

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On 22nd November the school welcomed members of The Message Wales – Higher Tour 2018. The tour was arranged by the organisation called The Message, who bring worship to schools and help young people explore their faith. As part of the event one of eight bands was allocated to participating schools throughout South Wales during November and we were fortunate to receive a Manchester-based band called Amongst Wolves. They played an exciting blend of rock and punk, and performed to the majority of the school throughout the day, including a lovely acoustic set in the Marion Centre. Besides the music, there were powerful testimonials from band members about their faith where they emphasized the importance of each person’s choice and personal decision-making in such a key area.

The band also attended a Question and Answer session in the lunch-break, organized by the Christian Union. The feedback from students was very positive and we hope we will be able to welcome the tour again in 2020. More information can be found at www.messagewales.org

Mr Davies (Chaplain)

Vikki Howells AM talks to Politics students/Vikki Howells AS yn siarad â myfyrwyr Gwleidyddiaeth

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On Wednesday 28th November, our AS Politics class had the pleasure of listening to Mr Hart’s former teaching mentor, Vikki Howells, who spoke about her role as a Welsh Assembly member. Vikki has been interested in politics since a young age – so much, that when she was 17, her Christmas present was the membership fee to be a member of the Labour Party!

Vikki started by talking about how she decided to take the risk of leaving her role as a teacher to stand for the Welsh Assembly as a Labour candidate for the Cynon Valley constituency, which she won with a 51% majority. She also discussed her regular weekly roles in the Senedd (as the chair of the Welsh Assembly Labour Group) and in her constituency. Interestingly, Vikki doesn’t think being an AM is as hard as being a teacher – to which Mr Hart nodded in agreement. Vikki also gave us some great insights the Additional Member electoral system the Welsh Assembly uses in its elections and how she believes this is unfair; which is very useful for our course this year.

Finally, Vikki opened up to questions from the class, which gave us an opportunity to ask her for her thoughts about Brexit and the Welsh Labour leadership contest. She feels the Welsh Government should have greater involvement in the deal process. She also revealed that she is supporting Vaughan Gething in the leadership contest as she believes that he will change Welsh Labour for the better. It was a very insightful and interesting talk and we thank her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to come and speak to us.

Will and Louise (Year 12)

Unsinkable? Our Day at The Titanic Museum/Heb allu ei suddo? Ein diwrnod yn amgueddfa’r Titanic

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In the Autumn Term, a group of Year 9 students visited the Seacity Museum in Southampton. The Museum tells the story of the people of the city and most famously, the story of Titanic. During our time at the museum, we were able to participate in various Titanic-themed activities, including dressing up as people from the Titanic such as the lookouts and Thomas Andrews. We participated in four activities: we “sank the Titanic” using an ice cube tray and filling it with water, we chose ten people from various social classes to fill a lifeboat – ultimately deciding who to save and who to not! We also handled various objects that were around when the Titanic sank and tried to guess what they were for.

Finally, we considered who we thought was to blame for the sinking of the liner, from people such as Captain Smith, Thomas Andrews, and J. Bruce Ismay (who decided how many lifeboats would be on board). We then went around the Titanic section of the Sea City Museum and were told facts and stories from the ill-fated ship, including one about the youngest passenger on The Titanic, who then went on to be the last living survivor. In The Titanic section there were different activities we could do such as shovelling coal and steering The Titanic out of the Southampton Port. All in all, it was a really exciting and interesting day, and we hope that it will prove to be a great help for our History lessons!

Millie (Year 9)

Pastoral News Newyddion Bugeiliol

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Autumn Term 2018 has proved to be another excellent term, with many students acknowledged by their teachers for their excellent efforts and attainment in subjects across the curriculum as well as commitment to school life, including Neriah; Isla; Annie; George; Oliver; Mia; Rose; Bethan; Heidi; Danny; Alex; Adam; Verity; Morgan; Joe; Henry; James; Alex; Angel; Eira; and Karen in our Student of the Month initiative.

In addition, there is a large number of students with 100% attendance so far this academic year – a fantastic effort. Similarly, there are a significant number of students in each year group, who have been acknowledged with only positive comments from their teachers this term, and will be entered into the end of term Golden Ticket raffle. To demonstrate such a positive attitude towards their learning and organisation is commendable indeed.

Whilst we are all looking forward to the Christmas break, it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the invaluable work of Mr Elliott, who will be starting his new role as Head of PE in January. Mr Elliott has been a huge asset to the pastoral team and worked tirelessly to support students not only in his own year group, but across the school as well. We wish him well in his new post. We welcome Miss Owen as the new Head of Year 10, who will take up her role in January.

We would like to wish all our students and their families and carers a happy and safe Christmas holiday. We look forward to seeing you all in January, recharged and ready for the term ahead.

Mrs Bowen Jones (Assistant Head)

News from the Learning Resources/Centre Newyddion o’r Ganolfan Adnoddau Dysgu

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The ‘Kids Lit’ quiz is a national competition in which hundreds of schools take part in a quiz about literature. This year, The Bishop of Llandaff were represented by two teams of four, and the school was placed second overall. We were very proud of everyone who competed this year – we trained very hard and revised for hours to get to the placing that we achieved. We would like to thank Mrs Sturcbecher for her help and support, and for her organization of the trip. We had an amazing time and learnt a lot. We hope to take part again next year!

Emily, Bibi and Mia (Year 8)

This year’s book fayre was a huge success! We raised over £500 from selling books, stationery, posters and more. This year’s team worked particularly hard to ensure that the fayre ran smoothly and efficiently. However, we all agree that Mrs Sturcbecher worked outstandingly hard to go ‘above and beyond’, supplying all kinds of fantastic books – from books about Mount Everest (with amazing cliffhangers) to books about Gothic horror (Year 8’s most recent English topic). She organised it all! We would also like to thank everyone who bought something from the fayre, because of course it wouldn’t have worked without them either. We hope to continue the fayre for many years to come!

Emily and Lexi (Year 8)

Marion Centre Garden about to bloom again/Gardd Canolfan Marion ar fin blodeuo eto

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The Marion Centre is redesigning its sensory garden to provide students with a more purposeful outside learning space. The project started before half term with all Marion Centre students taking part in gardening week, participating in weeding, digging and clearing the garden. This was a huge task and one that showed some excellent teamwork! Parents and staff also contributed by giving up their time in the half term holiday to load the skip. This is a long-term project and one that will prove to be very functional and crucial to the students’ learning and well-being.

We would also like to acknowledge Lewis, Sam, Hywel and Luca, some sixth form students, who have been very helpful and have given up their time to participate in the garden re-design. We are hoping that we will all see the benefit of everyone’s hard work over the coming year and that this sensory garden will grow and develop alongside our students.

Mrs Williams (Marion Centre)

Inter-House literature quiz 2018/Cwis Llên Rhyng-dâi 2018

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On the 26th October many Year 7 and 8 students took part in the Inter-house Literature Quiz! We put on our literacy hats and started answering lots of questions that were coming our way. Some of the questions were really tricky yet some were easy, such as “What was the name of the dog in The Famous Five?” 

Do you know the answer to that one? Well, that was just one out of 80 questions that we were asked! Our House Captains trained us well during the lunchtimes running up to the event. We all had a great afternoon and I really recommend other Key Stage 3 students to take part in it next year. St Paul won with 97 points and were closely followed by last year’s winners, St John with 92 points. 

A special thanks to Mrs Sturcbecher who created all the questions and made the event possible, and to all the sixth formers who gave up their free lessons and lunchtimes to help out.    

Gwilym (Year 8)

I recently took part in the Key Stage 3 Inter-House Literature Quiz. We had eight rounds that consisted of a mixture of topics including ‘A World of Fantasy’ and ‘Crime and Mystery’. After every round we were given an individual bonus question where we had the chance to win a book of our choice. Every team got to pick a round where their score doubled. The individual winning team was St Paul, who also won the overall competition. It was a great afternoon. Well done to everyone who participated and a special thanks to Mrs Sturcbecher and the sixth formers who organised and hosted the event.

Esther (Year 8)

Hitting the right notes/Taro’r nodiadau cywir

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Singing with the Marion Centre Choir has been such a great experience. It was lovely to mix with Marion Centre students and get to know lots of them through singing and conversation.

Every Thursday, we have been rehearsing over to the Marion Centre in preparation for our performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD). At first, it was a little bit quiet as nobody really knew each other, but as the weeks went on, the shyness disappeared and everyone was talking. We started to learn different things about each other and the songs started to sound better and better as we grew in confidence. Then the day of the performance came.

We all gathered in the hall to have one last rehearsal before we set off. The journey to the RWCMD was the perfect time to learn more about each other; some of us were extremely chatty whilst others were still a bit nervous. Soon after, we arrived at the college and within ten minutes we were up on the stage ready to sing. The room was filled with people watching from all directions and as we sang, the hundreds of faces began to smile. It was a bit scary at first but by the time we got to our second song, nobody seemed to care what people thought. I had such a lovely time and I’m really looking forward to next time we get to sing together.

Caitlin (Year 9)

I went to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with Mrs Lee and Mr Ashment.
We sang The Million Dreams and This is Me.
Katlyn, Katy and Eliot taught us the songs and actions.
I was really excited to sing!
We all enjoyed singing because it was fun.

Hassham (Year 10)

Bishop student makes a splash with Welsh Water/Myfyriwr Yr Esgob yn gwneud splas gyda Dŵr Cymru

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Bishop of Llandaff student Oliver, of Year 9, recently helped Welsh Water with one of our projects and I wanted to let you know how brilliant it was. 

As you will be well aware GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) came into force in May and Welsh Water was looking for innovative ways to raise awareness across the business. We decided to set up a GDPR escape room – ‘The Breach’, to make what could otherwise be a really dry subject interesting for our employees. The escape room involved participants working through five puzzles, locating items such as keys and deciphering codes. The last puzzle involved finding a password and hacking into a laptop, to work through pages and answer a quiz to escape ‘The Breach’. 

This is the part Oliver helped us with.  He coded a program that mimicked a Welsh Water log in page, so that once the participants had found the password, they could log on. Oliver put together mocked-up pages of the Welsh Water systems that the participants had to work through, and also mocked up a quiz and coded it so the participants could only complete the game when they had all the questions correct, but were then notified when they had successfully done so. 

The escape room was a huge success across the business and the feedback we had was incredible.  Oliver’s program was a crucial part of the escape room set-up and we are very thankful that Oliver put his time and effort into doing this for us. The escape room was received so well that it was nominated for a communications award in the ‘Best event’ category in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), Pride Cymru Awards. I am extremely pleased to say that we were awarded Gold in the category. I have attached a photo of the award which is now being displayed with pride in the Welsh Water head office. 

So Oliver could share in our success, we rewarded him with a water sports activity day at our Llandegfedd reservoir.

At Welsh Water, we would like to commend Oliver on the brilliant execution of his coding. Even though he had a little help from his dad, what he provided us with was done to a level of professionalism I would expect to see from technology partners. 

We wish him every success and hope he continues to develop and explore his passion in computing! 

Sophie Palmer (Welsh Water)

Our ‘foodie’ weekend in France/Ein penwythnos ‘Bwyd da’ yn Ffrainc

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On the 29th November 2018, 36 students and five members of staff set off to France for a weekend of food and French. Following our arrival (at about 2am!) on the Friday morning, we set off for Lille Christmas market later that day. It was a fantastic way to start the trip, with chances for French students to put their learning into action and buy some things using our French language skills. After that we went to Ypres in Belgium where we saw many war memorials, including Tyne Cot, where nearly 12,000 servicemen from the First World War are buried, and we also stopped at the Welsh memorial in the north of Ypres. We went to have some dinner at a lovely restaurant near Menin Gate, before observing the 36,544th service here which has happened every night since the end of the Great War. We lay a wreath on behalf of the school to pay our respects to the men and women who gave up their lives for our freedom. This was an eye-opening day for all of us, seeing the thousands of graves and driving across what used to be battlefields. Lest we forget.

The next day was a nice early start for everyone to go to a classic French bakery. Here we had a chance to translate instructions from French into English and to see how they make croissants and bread, not forgetting getting shouted at intensely in French by one of the bakers! We even tried some delicious pain au chocolat and croissants made fresh from the bakery. Following this we went to a small sweet factory where we learnt how to make jelly and boiled sweets before, most importantly, eating said sweets. It was a very satisfying and educational experience for everyone. We then went to a small shopping centre where we got the chance to visit a variety of shops and cafes, including a supermarket with a very impressive bakery section. After that we went back to the hotel to have some dinner and play bingo. Of course, a couple of rounds in French for Mademoiselle Pénacq then some quickfire bingo to give everyone a chance.

On our last day we started by getting up and out to a chocolate factory. We learnt about all kinds of different chocolates, how you work with them, not forgetting what they taste like. We also got a chance to practise decorating chocolate, which was very good fun. Our last item on the itinerary was Cité Europe, a huge shopping centre just next to the Eurotunnel. A great chance to look around some different shops and another supermarket and get some last-minute presents for people back home.

The trip was a huge success and great fun. Thank you so much to our amazing teachers for taking us, Mademoiselle Pénacq; Miss Calcaterra; Mr Brown; Mr Ashment; and especially Mrs Rees for organising it.

Ewan (Year 11)

News from the Mathematics Department/Newyddion gan yr Adran Fathemateg

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It’s been another busy term in the department…here are some of the highlights

Rob Eastaway visitYmweliad Rob Eastaway
In December, we were privileged to welcome Rob Eastaway to the school again to deliver a talk to Year 10 on the maths of everyday life. He is the author of several books on this topic, with unusual titles such as Why do buses come in threes? and How many socks make a pair? The theme of his talk was the importance of estimation as a skill. We were required to consider, amongst other things, how many sausages are eaten in the UK each day, and to decide which of the world’s oceans has an area of approximately 4.27 million square miles. (The answer is at the end of this article)

Success in the Senior Maths Challenge (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust)
Llwyddiant yn y Sialens Mathemateg Hŷn (Ymddiriedolaeth Fathemateg Y DU)

Congratulations to the following Year 12 and 13 students, who were awarded certificates for their performance in the Senior Maths Challenge on 6th November. Ben; Lewis; and Minsol received the silver certificate; and Angelo; Emma; Ioan; Karim; Matthew; Matthew; Owen; Rebecca; Rhys; and Talal received the bronze certificate.

An example of a question from this year’s paper

The positive integer 2018 is the product of two primes. What is the sum of these two primes?

A 1001              B 1010              C 1011              D 1100             E 1101

Again, the answer is at the end of the article.

Year 12 maths quiz at the University of South Wales
Cwis Mathemateg Bl 12 ym Mhrifysgol De Cymru

Well done to Ava, Emma, Minsol, Talal and Wisham, who performed brilliantly in this new competition. They narrowly missed a ‘podium finish’ in being placed fourth out of fourteen schools.

Our favourite question was “What part of a fraction is a ‘dream notion’?”

Year 11 Maths Pop Quiz at the University of South Wales
Cwis Pop Mathemateg Bl 11 ym Mhrifysgol De Cymru

A few weeks ago, 14 of my classmates and I went to the University of South Wales to participate in a Pop Maths challenge against 15 teams from other schools. We were given sixteen maths questions, 

which started off easy, but became increasingly challenging.

We hoped that we had scored highly enough to claim a prize and so we waited eagerly for the results. They slowly eliminated teams from the lowest to the highest mark, and once they reached the score of twelve, there were still about five teams standing, one of which had to be the winner. Unfortunately for us, the winning team was from Cardiff High, with a score of thirteen. There were then four teams who had drawn with a score of twelve.

Out of these four teams, two teams were from The Bishop of Llandaff: ‘The Indices’ and ‘Choo Yin’s Army’. After a tie breaker question my team, ‘The Indices’, had come third and the other Bishop team, ‘Choo Yin’s Army’, was awarded second place. Even though we didn’t come first, we were pleased to return to The Bishop of Llandaff with two trophies. We are all very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this competition to prove the success of the school’s Mathematics department, and we are looking forward to participating in the Year 12 competition next year.

Congratulations to our team members, Megan; Megan; Lucy; Ellie; Mia; Josh; Antony; Yashraj; Elias; Karin; Mia; Saadh; Angus; Kevin; and Thomas.

And the answers…

The Arctic Ocean has an area of approximately 4.27 million square miles

C: 1011 (2 and 1009 are both prime numbers)


Mrs Bill and the Mathematics department

More swimming success for The Bishop of Llandaff students. Mwy o lwyddiant nofio i fyfyrwyr Ysgol Esgob Llandâf.

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A selection of Year 7 – 10 students represented the school at the Urdd Secondary Swimming Championship at Cogan Leisure Centre on Thursday 6th December, competing against schools from across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

As in the previous year, the high level of commitment and competitiveness from our students culminated in a fantastic set of results, with a selection of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals won in both individual events as well as the Team Relay competition. We are extremely proud of the talent that was displayed by the team, and we congratulate all students who participated in another successful championship.

Individual congratulations and good luck also go to Georgia of Year 8 and Noah of Year 10, who qualified for the National Finals which will be held at Cardiff International Pool in January 2019.

Mr Elliott (PE department)

‘A truly magical evening’ – the Christmas Carol Service 2018/’Noson wir hudol’ – Gwasanaeth Carolau’r Nadolig 2018

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On the evening of Monday 10th December, a packed Llandaff Cathedral was again the venue for the school’s traditional carol service; the culmination of many weeks of hard work from all the performers and from the Performing Arts department. Here, we present some reflections on the occasion from some of those who were involved.

Merry Musical Mayhem
Gwylltineb Llawen Cerddorol

That’s how I’d describe the school’s wonderfully festive carol concert – a night of merry musical mayhem. I’ve been taking part in the Christmas concert since Year 7 and it never fails to put a smile on the faces of everyone, both those in the audience and those taking part, and this year was no exception. It’s such a joyful occasion where I can socialise with other musicians and make some noise. The whole atmosphere of excitement and anticipation of Christmas is amplified by the cathedral, making it a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing night of worship and celebration.

Michael (Year 11)

The Shepherds make their way to the Christmas Carol Service!
Mae’r Bugeiliaid yn gwneud eu ffordd i Wasanaeth Carolau’r Nadolig

Every part of the service was enticing and extraordinary, making us realise how, as a school, we all have our talents. Through readings, and listening to the choirs and the musical performances, we were really helped to find the true meaning of Christmas all around us in the glorious Llandaff Cathedral. It was a truly magical evening, and one we will never forget. It was a chance for us as a community to come together in unity to celebrate our faith and also the Performing Arts department. Thank you to everyone who made our last experience in the Carol Service incredible!

Beth, Lucy and Jolie (The 3 Shepherds, Year 13)

The Christmas Carol Service 2018
Gwasanaeth Carolau’r Nadolig 2018

Once again this year, the school’s annual Christmas Carol Service was a spectacular hit! The Cathedral was packed, and we had wonderful performances by ensembles and soloists. It was great to have such an abundant amount of talent come together in one place for an act of worship. We began rehearsals on Friday – although many groups started preparing as soon as the year started!

Our final rehearsal on Monday was in the Cathedral and it was great to meet up in K2 Café in the morning beforehand to wake us all up! We had a brilliant evening, with readers, monologues, choirs and more. It was truly a night to remember and I look forward to next year!

Shivam (Year 10)

The Little Road to Christmas
Y ffordd fach i’r Nadolig

As I sang ‘The Little Road to Bethlehem’, I realised it wasn’t long until Christmas. I wanted to send a strong message during the service while singing and I think I did just that. The carol service contained extraordinary acts including singing, monologue and the orchestra. Although this was my last carol service, I enjoyed the acts that took place whilst being part of the Senior Choir. A huge thanks to the students and staff that took part in organising the event. This is mainly due to the amount of dedication and commitment from the Performing Arts department. The evening was a memorable time of praise and worship.

Claurindo (Year 13)

‘Remarkable success’ for Year 12 swimming champion/’Llwyddiant ysgubol’ am bencampwr nofio Blwyddyn 12

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Massive congratulations to Ben (Year 12), who has achieved a number of remarkable successes at the Welsh swimming championships. Ben recently won the 200m butterfly in both the 15/16 age group and ‘open’ categories, helping him to reach a current ranking of second in Britain in both the 100m and 200m fly.

Other achievements during the national championships included an impressive medal haul with gold in the 100m backstroke, silver in the 100m butterfly and 400m individual medley. These performances built upon last season, where Ben previously won several medals in the Welsh championships and broke the Welsh record in the 200m butterfly, before going on to win a relay race silver and an individual 100m fly bronze during the 2018 British championships. 

Everyone at the school wishes Ben the very best of luck in January, when he will be representing Wales at the Euro Meet championships held in Luxembourg.

Mr Gardiner (PE department)

Christmas Celebrations at the Marion Centre/Dathliadau’r Nadolig yn y Ganolfan Marion

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It has been a very busy and exciting half term in the Marion Centre, continuing with our traditional seasonal celebrations and creating some new ones.

The Marion Centre Choir were delighted to be invited to perform with members of the Junior Choir in the Cathedral Carol Service. They performed a very moving rendition of ‘A Million Dreams’ from The Greatest Show and it is hoped that this will be the first of many musical collaborations.

Friends and family of students who attend the Marion Centre were treated to some festive favourites on Wednesday 12th December as they attended our annual Christmas Show and Craft Fayre. The students delighted all in attendance with songs, poems and a sketch about our Christmas traditions. They all worked very hard to produce a fantastic seasonal celebration, so well done to everyone who contributed and took part.

A big thank you also to parents, staff and students who produced and donated some lovely gifts towards our Christmas Fayre. The donations and monies raised this year are helping our ongoing Help Our Garden Grow project. 

Other highly anticipated activities planned to take place before the end of term include class reward trips to the cinema and a party. Students and staff will also be raising money for Save the Children by participating in Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 21st December.

Mrs Knowles (Marion Centre)

Year 12 student Ben makes all the right moves/Myfyriwr Blwyddyn 12 Ben yn gwneud y symudiadau cywir

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Ben (Year 12) has been making his mark in the world of competitive chess this term, with some significant achievements in the English Chess Federation’s ‘Team Chess Challenge’. After Round One in November, Ben’s single-handed entry put The Bishop of Llandaff at the top of the leaderboard for all of England and Wales, and following Round Two in December, the school was placed in equal tenth – again due to Ben’s solo effort. We eagerly await to see what further progress can be made in the New Year.

In the meantime, why not take a look at the English Chess Federation’s homepage
https://www.englishchess.org.uk/NSCC/team-problem-solving/. If you want to give your brain a little exercise over Christmas, you could even have a go at solving the chess problems!

Mrs Bill (Mathematics department)

Politics students attend lecture by former Prime Minister/Myfyrwyr Gwleidyddiaeth yn mynychu darlith gan gyn Brif-Weinidog

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On the 14th November the A Level politics students had the amazing opportunity to go and hear the former Conservative Prime Minister, Sir John Major, talk at the University of South Wales. For us politics students this was, of course, a once in a lifetime opportunity. The lecture, entitled ‘A Changing World’ was fascinating, and Sir John covered current topics, from Brexit to the rise of nationalism. To hear about these current issues, which are prominent in our lessons, from the perspective of a former Prime Minister of the country was extremely absorbing. After the talk there was an opportunity to ask questions, and we were able to hear Sir John’s response to some controversial queries on everything from immigration to the future of the Conservative Party. Overall the evening was invaluable. It was surreal and exciting to hear a former Prime Minister speak just metres away from us!

Frances (Year 12)

Success for The Bishop of Llandaff Gymnasts in first competition of season/Llwyddiant i gymnastwyr Ysgol Esgob Llandâf yng nghystadleuaeth cyntaf y tymor

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A huge congratulations to our Year 7 and 8 girls’ novice gymnastics team, who recently won the Cardiff and Vale schools novice gymnastics competition and qualification for the Welsh finals. Twelve students travelled to Sport Wales National Centre to compete against other schools from the whole of Wales. The standard of the competition at the Welsh final was extremely high, but both teams performed superbly and the Year 8 team were crowned novice champions, with Year 7 coming second. This is an incredible achievement, considering most of these students have never been involved in gymnastics until starting at this school.

Mrs Griffiths (PE department)

The Bishop of Llandaff football teams working towards their goals/Tîmau Pêl-droed Ysgol Esgob Llandâf yn gweithio tuag at eu gôlau

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Congratulations to the Year 10 and Senior (Years 12-13) football teams! Both squads have enjoyed a very successful first half of the season. The year 10 boys will play in the Cardiff and Vale Schools’ Cup quarter final following the Christmas break, and following impressive wins over both Whitchurch and Cardiff High Schools in the Welsh Schools Football Association cup, they now await the draw for the first ‘national’ round of the competition.

The Senior Boys’ XI have also progressed to the ‘national’ stage of the Under 18 Welsh Schools’ cup, working hard to overcome St Teilo’s, Stanwell and Radyr to successfully navigate the regional rounds. The team will also play Cardiff and Vale College in the quarter finals of the Under 19 Welsh Colleges’ cup in January. The very best of luck to both teams!

Mr Gardiner (PE department)

Doing our bit for Children in Need/Yn gwneud ein rhan dros ‘Plant mewn Angen’

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On Friday 16th November, the school held a day to raise money for Children in Need. Students and staff wore non-uniform for the day, with some students going the extra mile and wearing their spots with pride!

There were many fun activities that took place throughout the day. In our house assemblies, as well as talking about Children in Need, house teams hosted a range of games from ‘Chubby Bunny’, to some really messy games such as seeing how many crackers could fit in our mouths! It was great to get students involved in activities so they can remember what the day is all about.

Members of the sixth form kindly helped at breaktimes and lunchtimes too, by presenting fun games such as ‘Guessing the name of the teddy’ or ‘Guess how many sweets are in the jar’. These proved very popular with all ages and an impromptu pizza sale was very lucrative also – if you were quick enough to get a slice! It was a memorable day and £1,309.11 was raised overall for a fantastic cause.

Thank you to all the students and staff who supported this day, and those who contributed in any way to its overall success.

Beth (Year 13)