Where are the now? / Ble maen nhw nawr?

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At the end of the 2016-17 school year we said goodbye to another outstanding cohort of Year 13 students, who are now looking forward to beginning an exciting new phase of their lives in higher education. The destinations of the class of 2017 are shown below. As usual, news of our past students is always very welcome, so if you are a past student of the school then please get in touch to tell us about your successes!

Bath University 1 BIMM(British and Irish Modern Music Institute) 1
Birmingham University 10 Bournemouth University 1
Bristol University 5 Cardiff University 10
Cardiff Metropolitan University 5 East London University 1
Exeter University 2 Imperial College, London 1
Keele University 1 Kent University 1
Leeds University 1 Liverpool University 1
Liverpool John Moores University 1 Liverpool Hope University 1
Manchester University 2 Nottingham University 2
Oxford University 2  Plymouth University 1
 Queen’s University, Belfast 1  Reading University 4
 Royal Holloway University, London 1  Southampton University 2
 University of South Wales 8  St Andrews University 1
Sussex University 1 Swansea University 8
Trinity St David University 1 Warwick University 2
University of the West of England 7

Outstanding exam results in 2017 / Canlyniadau Syfrdanol Arholiadau 2017

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The Bishop of Llandaff High School are again celebrating another set of stunning A level and GCSE results following the summer exams.

Nearly 40% of A level grades were at A* or A, a record for the school, while 87% of all outcomes graded at A*-C. The overall pass rate was 99%.

Some notable performances included:


Aaron, who achieved 4A*s and an A grade. Aaron intends to read medicine at Exeter University.

Gwynfor, who will study earth sciences at Oxford having secured 3A*s and 2As.

Isobel secured 2A*s and 2As and will read Law at Warwick University.

Bethan will study PPE at Birmingham after achieving an A* and 3As.

Claudia secured 2As, a B and a C grade and will study Criminology at Nottingham.

Amy will read English at Birmingham University after achieving 4A grades.


Other exceptional achievements include Rosie, who joined us in the sixth form from St Martin’s, Caerphilly and gained an A* and 3As; Adriel, who achieved 3A*s and an A; and Matthew, who secured an A* and 3Bs. Finally, two of our students have opted to travel further afield this autumn. They are Thomas, who will study divinity at Harvard University following his 2A*s and 2A grades and Ben, who achieved 3A*s and 2As. Ben will eventually read PPE at Princeton. However, prior to commencing his studies in America, he intends to undertake development work in Sierra Leone as part of his gap year, fully funded by the university.


Headteacher, Marc Belli, commented: “I wish to congratulate our students on a remarkable set of examination results. They have been an incredible year group and have contributed so much to our school community. These outcomes are a reflection of their talents and they are fully deserved.”


A week later, there was more cause for celebration as our GCSE students secured an outstanding set of GCSE results with 84% achieving 5 or more A*-C including English Language and mathematics. Under a new set of qualifications and supporting headline measures the school is delighted to report a staggering 41% of students achieved 5 or more A*-A with 15% of the year group achieving A*-A grades across the board. The 37 students who achieved straight A/A* grades were:


Angelo, Nia, Eleri, Rhys, Ethan, Restam, Angela, Janice, Harry, Rebecca, Amy, Timothy, Jonathan, Jerin, Ryan, Olivia, Catrin, Katy, Charlie, Cathy, Rodoshi, Rhys, Beth, Kate, Alice, Samuel, Katie, Daniel, Matthew, Chloe, Emily, Gwennan, Abbie, Rose, Jack, Grace and Miriam.


While other notable performances were seen by

Evie: 1A*, 5A, 5B             Sam: 1A*, 4B, 8C

Caitlin: 3A, 5B, 5C           Sophie: 2A, 5B, 4C

Claurindo: 2A*, 3B, 6C     Joshua: 5B, 2C


Headteacher, Marc Belli, added, “I am incredibly proud of the achievements of all our students today. We find ourselves in a unique period of curriculum change, where it is very difficult to make meaningful comparisons with the performance of previous years. However, against more demanding specifications and revised key performance indicators, our students have demonstrated their wonderful talents with these excellent results.”

School Council Update/Diweddariad Cyngor Yr Ysgol

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The School Council is a group of students that have been voted in by their peers for the sole purpose of making improvements around the school. We represent the changes you all desire to see through every part of school life. The School Council representatives for school year 7, 8, 9 and 10 are:

  • Year 7 – Daaud and Madison
  • Year 8 – Dylan and Grace
  • Year 9 – Agnes and Ayomide
  • Year 10 – Will and Alexandra

The School Council that you elected have been determined to change agendas that you, as students, have voiced and concerns that you have expressed. We have been working incredibly hard to bring you the changes that you have desired and that you deserve.


What we have done so far

So far this year we have made significant variations to school life such as

  • Goal posts by the covered yard;
  • Sets for science;
  • Food prices displayed prominently;
  • More efficient queueing in the hall to get lunch;
  • Promotion of technology in lessons;
  • Trialled vegetarian options at lunchtime; and
  • Online homework system with functioning hyperlinks.

As you can see the School Council has been efficient in making vital advances throughout the school. However there is still more that we feel we can do.


What are we working on?

As School Council representatives we are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience of school, such as

  • Cleaning and improving toilets and water fountains;
  • Varying sports in PE;
  • More school/departmental trips;
  • Footballs to hire (you may trade an item for the football); and
  • Official school branded leggings for girls in PE.

Furthermore, School Council have been meeting with the Cardiff Youth Council and Welsh Youth Parliament to voice issues young people feel strongly about, so if there are any issues you would like to raise then tell your year’s School Council representative.

Finally, always remember, your concerns about your school life are always our first priority –   if you feel there is something you would like to voice then simply ask your year’s representative.

Agnes and Ayomide

Year 9


Business Students Rise to the Challenge/Myfyrwyr Busnes yn codi i’r sialens

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At our recent Real Business Challenge event we were tasked with creating a poster that reflected learning differences and physical challenges. When creating the poster we had the Marion Centre in our thoughts and this poster was created with our fellow students in mind. We, as a team, worked closely together to create a poster that highlights the difficulties that some individuals face in everyday life. Our poster includes a striking image of a footballer who has been able to overcome struggles and hardships using his sporting abilities through football. There is also an image of a swimmer who has used their sport as a way in which to overcome their own personal challenges. As a result of all the images our poster makes a powerful statement which the judges also identified and we were awarded first prize!

As a team we are extremely proud to have had this opportunity to represent our school and to bring home such a prestigious award.


Year 10


Real Business Challenge poster

Year 12 students attend Brexit conference in London/Myfyrwyr Bl 12 yn mynd i gynhadledd ‘Brexit’ yn Llundain

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On 22nd June, several members of our year 12 politics class attended a Brexit conference in London, which was organised by WISERD, the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods. We were invited to the conference, which involved a debate as well as a short film screening. We had previously been filmed by WISERD for a short film on young people and Brexit; we were asked questions on topics such as where we get our political views and news from, as well as what our thoughts and views on Brexit were. These films were then presented at the conference in front of an audience of academics, researchers and politicians; Leanne Wood, for example, who is the leader of Plaid Cymru. The debate was very topical for us, as it was based on ‘young people and politics’. It was an engaging debate, where we were given a great opportunity to get our views heard by a leading politician. The debate covered areas such as participation of young people, what the issues are with lowering the voting age and young peoples perception of Brexit. 

Speaking on behalf of everyone who attended the event from our class, it was a thoroughly enriching and engaging experience.  



Year 12.

Pastoral News/Newyddion Bugeiliol

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2016-17 has been another positive year with much to celebrate. Many students have been acknowledged for their excellent efforts and attainment in subjects across the curriculum as well as commitment to school life, including Breanna, Shivam, Rhydian, Ellie, Caitlin, Naomi, Charles, Iliyah, Caitlin, Thomas, Matthew, Sam, Declan, Alaya, Elizabeth, Olivia, Joshua, Will, Grace, Elena, Adriel, Tycho, Ellie, Samir, Ashleigh, Heather, Harry, Charlotte, Kate, Caleb, Amarie, Louise, Ethan, Ailsa, Tom, Alex, Bethan, Mia, Emma, Rodoshi, Filip, Erika, Lucy, George, Ella, Verity, Callum, Jess, Charles, Alex, Holly, Kate, Lowri, Emily, Caitlin, Rosie, Celyn, Finley, Ellie, Phoebe, Miriam, Sophie, Jasmine, John, David, Jacob, Harri, Christina, Edward and Tom in our Student of the Month initiative.

In addition, there are a number of students with a 100% attendance record for this academic year – a fantastic effort. They will be entered into a prize draw on the final day of term. Similarly, a significant number of students in each year group, who have been acknowledged with only positive comments from their teachers this year, were invited to attend a special celebration by their Heads of Year at the end of term. To demonstrate such a positive attitude towards their learning and organisation is commendable indeed.

On 6th July there was a very special evening held at Llandaff Cathedral to acknowledge the commitment and achievements of students in each year group in our annual Awards Evening. Once again, there was an incredible amount of talent on display, both in the level of performance and in the number of students acknowledged. Many former students returned from university, college and the world of work to also be lauded for their final efforts in high school in 2016. It was great to see them all again!

Whilst we are all looking forward to a summer break, it is with sadness that we say goodbye to Mrs Biggs, Head of Year 10, and Mrs Courtney, our ELSA support worker and Mindfulness coach. Mrs Courtney has done some invaluable work with classes, groups and individual students. She has been an asset to all of the pastoral team and we will miss her dearly. We would also like to send good wishes with Mrs Angel who leaves us on maternity leave and Mr White, Head of Year 8, who is taking up a new responsibility within school. We will miss you all!

We would like to wish all our students and their families and carers a happy and safe summer break. We look forward to seeing you all in September.

Mrs Bowen Jones

Assistant Head

News from The Marion Centre/Newyddion Canolfan Marion

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Students from The Marion Centre have been busy with some exciting activities this summer term. Dosbarth Penderyn visited two universities with a view to planning their pathways to higher education. They visited the Alexander Road campus where the focus is on Automotive Design and Architectural Glass. They had the opportunity for some hands-on experience with a 3D printer and glass cutting equipment in the university’s world-renowned Architectural Glass department. Both Swansea University and University of Wales Trinity Saint David have invited us back in the Michaelmas term to take part in workshops and lectures.

Two students from Dosbarth Penderyn have been accepted onto the prestigious Ford work experience programme beginning in September for twelve weeks – congratulations to Danny and Hassan.


Students from Dosbarth Glyndwr, Dosbarth Lloyd George and Dosbarth Penderyn took part in a successful work experience programme at Companies House between 19th and 30th June. They all enjoyed the experience and Companies House have confirmed that they will be welcoming another group in summer term 2018.



Mrs Evans

Marion Centre

Volunteering at the New Theatre/Gwirfoddoli yn Y Theatr Newydd

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This term I have so far spent three weeks volunteering at the New Theatre. I am even going in on Saturday to gain extra experience and to add to my CV. This all started thanks to Mrs Bennett, who arranged this direct with the theatre for me.

On my first day on 22nd June, Mrs Bennett and I were given a tour around the New Theatre. I was told everything I needed to do on shift as well as the procedures I would need to follow if there was a fire or other emergency. The first thing I need to do is go to a meeting. I am then assigned a door (usually door A). Before the audience enter, I check the seat area to ensure there is no rubbish and that everything is as it should be. We then stand by the door until we are told via radio that we are able to begin checking tickets. My usual role is to take and check the tickets whilst my work colleague, Colin, checks bags to ensure no alcohol or weapons or anything else that isn’t allowed, is taken into the theatre.

Once we have finished taking tickets, we close the doors and go to our designated area to the side of the theatre where we have an allocated seat. From here, I am able to watch the show but also have to ensure that no audience member is using their phone, taking pictures or talking too loudly. During the interval I again stand by the door and am on hand in case any problems arise. We radio for a manager if it is something we are unable to deal with (which rarely happened).

I have enjoyed my time with the New Theatre. I am hoping to continue volunteering next term but it may need to be on the weekend due to my timetable. I have gained in confidence as I have had to deal with huge crowds of people. I am also much better at scanning important information quickly. The people there have been very helpful and very nice and made me feel welcome.




Fencing News/Newyddion Ffensio

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Earlier this year a group of students attended the youth fencing competition, ‘Challenge Wratislavia’ in Wroclaw, Poland. They all represented their club, Russell Swords, as Welsh Fencing chose not send a national team to this event.

This is a major international competition where most European countries, and also countries from further afield, send their national teams of top fencers.  All the ‘Bishop’ students faced extremely tough competition in their fights and did very well to gain the results they did.  This was the first experience they had all had of an international competition, and also a competition of this calibre.

The competition is divided into age and gender categories for U15, U13 and U11.

Here are the results

Year 9 – U15 Boys’ Foil
Total number of fencers in category – 208

James – 168

Morgan – 187

Year 8 – U13 Girls’ Sabre
Total number of fencers in category – 99

Amy  – 83

Year 7 – U13 Boys’ Sabre
Total number of fencers in category – 129

Nathanael – 68


Between them they fought fencers from Germany, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Denmark, India, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary and Great Britain.

For more details the website is: http://www.challengewratislavia.pl/en/


Louise Kloss


Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Expedition 2017/Alltaith Gwobr Dug Caeredin Aur 2017 

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Most people would start this article by explaining how difficult and dire this expedition truly was. However, for me this expedition was fairly enjoyable with great sights, such as seeing the sun rise over Nun’s Cross, walking past breath-taking lakes and spending some quality time with group members and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I still ached every morning when I woke up and still moaned over a bowl of scalding Quakers porridge that barely enticed my taste buds, but this stereotype of the gold expedition being non-stop pain for four days is certainly wrong.

For all current Year 11s (almost Year 12s) who are considering doing the Gold Award, my advice to you is to do it and not look back. You will gain valuable skills, such as taking pegs out of tents correctly, which I unfortunately found out after my thumb was bleeding and red raw, but you will also have great fun whilst also being pushed by the Moor with its difficult but stunning terrain.



Year 12